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Buckeye Fabricating: Masters of Custom Steel Tank Fabrication
Buckeye Fabricating: Masters of Custom Steel Tank Fabrication

Buckeye Fabricating: Masters of Custom Steel Tank Fabrication
Buckeye Fabricating: Masters of Custom Steel Tank Fabrication
Buckeye Fabricating: Masters of Custom Steel Tank Fabrication

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Best Project Planning Applications
Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Effective and efficient management of project teams are essential to the success of any project. Many companies utilize project management software to aid in managing a project. However, some companies take a "fire and forget" approach to project management software and as such, those companies could be experiencing issues and concerns with the current software in use. Lagging project management software, or software which is lacking current feature sets, could be causing your overall project management systems to be less efficient than they could be. This causes project management to be more time consuming and overall more stressful on systems, resources and employees.

Best Project Planning Applications

Top Project Management Titles

While not all project management software is considered legacy, a review of current project planning applications can be a starting place to determining if the current software in use should be replaced with newer, more efficient versions. Newer project management applications include both open source and payware apps, with the specifics left to the individuals in charge of procuring and using said software. The top titles are:
  • Meister Task: An open source app that is configured for Scrum or Kandan
  • Basecamp: A payware app whose main benefit is mobile connectivity
  • Freedcamp: An open source app that is upgradable and scalable with payware.
  • Wrike: Is available as both open source or payware that integrates across multiple platforms
  • Podio: A payware app that can be transitioned to CRM.

Review Current Software

While the above titles are not the complete list of available project management software, these are among the top recommended software packages. Understanding that there are numerous options available should encourage a periodic review of the existing system, as well as researching what new features are obtainable.

Project planning applications, both payware and open source comes in a variety of sizes and can fit any business large or small. Engaging in a review of current software is an easy way to see if your company could improve on its current success.

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